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Phired Up trainers are the most highly-sought-after educators/speakers in the fraternity/sorority industry. Each year we deliver over 300 training days. More and more, these days are entirely DIGITAL (delivered through multiple on-line/video platforms). Each training day (whether on-site or virtual) is unique; we consider the audience, priorities, campus culture, and opportunities for impact in collaboration with the community stakeholders.

A “Training Day” (whether virtual or in person) includes one or multiple Phired Up trainers delivering up to 5 hours of Phired Up’s uniquely experiential training. Our specialty is the "pre-member experience" of fraternity/sorority life (everything from the first impression someone gets of the idea of fraternity/sorority all the way through initiation). This means that training content can include a focus on or a blending of topics such as marketing, recruitment, new member onboarding & education, retention, human connection skills/philosophy ("Social Excellence"), overall growth strategy, attracting Generation Z students, and more. The structure of training days can range from keynotes and workshops to chapter consultations, alumni advisor training, PNM orientation sessions, council leadership meetings, focus groups, and on-the-ground-training.

Phired Up is proud to offer a professional sign language interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing, subject to availability, for any Virtual Training. Interpreters will be present for the duration of your Virtual Training.

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What Will You Learn?
Most of our in-person training content focuses on one of (or a combination of) our Core Messages: Dynamic Recruitment, Marketing Strategy, Social Excellence, Retention, or New Member On-Boarding. You can learn more about each of these messages on this page. When you book Phired Up trainers for a programming day on your campus, we start with a conversation with you about how we can combine our messages to best meet your needs.
Dynamic Recruitment™

Dynamic Recruitment is Phired Up’s core philosophy on the science of fraternity/sorority growth. A system of relationship building that is intentional, proactive, repeatable and personalized. Dynamic Recruitment is built to attract, select, and secure the right people for today's modern fraternities and sororities. Learn more...

Marketing Strategy

Sororities and fraternities deserve a professional data-driven marketing strategy to promote the value of membership to prospects. Phired Up teaches both the philosophy and tactics for fraternity/sorority marketing that goes beyond shouting, "Go Greek!" Read our Marketing Manifesto.
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Social Excellence™

Social Excellence is Phired Up's core philosophy on how to master human connection and social skills. It is the art of fraternity and sorority growth. Social Excellence teaches the power of curiosity, generosity, authenticity, and vulnerability as tools to build more meaningful relationships and change the world. Learn more...

Retained & Engaged

Far too many of the people who we recruit choose to quit fraternities and sororities. Phired Up has conducted proprietary research to understand why people leave fraternities and sororities, and we provide one-of-a-kind training on how we can not only keep more of them, but also keep them engaged and thriving as members.
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New Member

On-boarding our newest members in effective, fun, fulfilling ways is a massive unmet need in our industry, and Phired Up has training and support to help chapters educate and prepare their newest members for a successful membership experience.

Culturally-Based Fraternity/
Sorority Growth

Culturally-based fraternities and sororities attract, select, and secure members in a variety of unique and strategic ways. Phired Up has a long history of experience with and team members who specialize in the opportunities and challenges facing culturally-based organizations looking to grow.
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Can I Customize My Experience?


Phired Up knows that different styles of growth are employed by different organizations. We have specialists in growing culturally-based organizations, specialists in Panhellenic recruitment (formal and COB), specialists in IFC recruitment (year-round and formal), specialists in new member onboarding, specialists in marketing, and more. We know that it is important to make sure the right Phired Up staff members are there to work with the right audiences at the right time.

Year Round Support

Phired Up believes your investment can be maximized by making sure that any training day isn't a "one day" experience, but instead is "day one" of a year continual support. Many of our campus-based clients choose to book one or multiple training days and pair that investment with an additional "Year Long Campus-Support Package." This package is ideally targeted toward a specific council or segment of the community. It includes at least 8+ distance coaching sessions (which could vary from coaching calls with council leaders to live video training sessions on multiple topics for groups of up to 40 participants) and twice-yearly growth strategy reports.


Digital Classrooms

Introducing digital classrooms to help you learn how to grow your chapter! For as little as $60, learn the art and science of organizational growth from the comfort of your computer at your own pace. Whether you're a current Panhellenic, Interfraternity Council, Culturally-Based Fraternal Organization member or an advisor wanting to learn ways you can support your chapter, we have a digital classroom to help you learn the fundamentals of growth we teach to chapters and councils across the country.  


What People Are Saying

"Simply put, Phired Up saved us. We learned something invaluable from their services: how to recruit better men. While last year we worked incredibly hard to get a handful of new members, this year we’ve had to turn down new members because there were so many. I cannot thank or recommend Phired Up enough for all of their help!"

Recruitment Chair
University of Southern California

"Damn, I love Phired Up. Thank you so much. I have heard amazing feedback from undergrads and the standing ovation was certainly deserved! You are an amazing resource and friend to all of us and we greatly appreciate all you do."

Coordinator of Undergraduate Engagement
Phi Mu Delta Fraternity

"To say that Phired Up has been an incredible partner would be a massive understatement. For the first time ever in our recruitment history, we’ve had a plan, we’ve had a directive, we’ve set goals, and we’ve been successful. In a little over 6 weeks, we’ve almost matched our numbers from ALL of last year. "

Chapter Recruitment Chair
University of Illinois

"Our chapter recruited its largest new member class in almost 20 years. The chapter experienced 53% growth this fall! The last time we were this big was over a decade ago. If you want to grow, commit to the system. If you follow the system, it works."

Chapter Recruitment Chair
Colorado State University

"We use iValU for our orientation before formal recruitment every year. Without a doubt the recruitment party conversations are more value based and our retention is running 10% higher compared to not using it."

Campus Based Professional
West Virginia Wesleyan College

"Thank you so much! My girls keep telling me how they love how interactive and personal [Phired Up's recruitment counselor training] is to them."

Panhellenic Vice President of Membership
Texas State University

"After attending a very informative and motivating Phired Up workshop, our house had the knowledge and tools it needed to have a great spring recruitment class. Our spring recruitment class was the largest on campus and by far the most in recent chapter history."

Chapter President
Oregon State University

"We have found that the greatest success in our individual chapter recruitment trainings is that it allows interactions with the Phired Up trainer to be more personalized on the needs of the chapter which allows them to focus on what goals they have determined and what needs they have to reach those goals."

Assistant Dean of Students
Texas State University

"Thank you so much for sending Josh with Phired Up! This was honestly such a wonderful recruitment workshop. This was truly an experience we won't forget. We learned so much and we definitely are going to implement those skills into our summer/fall recruitment."

Chapter President
University of Texas at Arlington

"I wanted to thank you so much for coming to DePaul and speaking with our Panhellenic Women. Many of them are really excited for their recruitment training sessions over the summer and in the Fall with their chapters. Thanks again for your work and thank you to Phired Up for accommodating our special needs through this program!"

Campus Based Pro
DePaul University
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