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Everything we do is based in real relationships. Including the way we work with campuses and councils. We are committed to relationships.

Phired Up helps fraternities and sororities grow, and all of our work starts with a Phired Up Annual Partnership.

Your Annual Partnership includes:
1. A Live Training Session
2. Access to Growth Technology
3. A Full Year of Exclusive Content and Experiences
4. Tech Onboarding, Training, and Top-Notch Support

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Key Benefits

One live digital growth-focused education experience (up to 60 minutes) anytime during the year for any size audience.


$500 credit toward CampusDirector or ChapterBuilder Council Technology.


Access to partner-exclusive training and educational content (Quarterly live digital training sessions for your students and professional team, premium tactical resources, and other recorded educational content).


We're on your team! Phired Up growth experts are available to partners year-round to help share innovative strategies, keep your community leaders accountable, and support your growth efforts.


Access to additional training, coaching, and growth technology any time throughout the year!

*See campus order form for specific details on partnership technology options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much does the Phired Up Subscription cost?

A. $2000. Your campus partnership is an auto-renewing annual subscription. Need additional technology and training? You can easily add and adjust services each year using the campus ordering form.

Q. What services can be added to an Annual Phired Up Partnership?

A. All services start with an Annual Partnership. We work with partners each year to evaluate the additional training, strategy, and technology for each council. Need technology that helps facilitate interest for culturally-based groups? We got it. Need a dynamic training moment for your Panhellenic PNM orientation? Let's do it! Need some strategy consultations with IFC chapters to help them think creatively about how they can market themselves beyond tabling? Let's grow!

Q. What does additional training include?

A. We love to deliver live training experiences to audiences of all sizes. Phired Up Training includes up to 5 hours of live digital education (delivered across no more than two separate days), consisting of keynotes, workshops, or breakout sessions. Want us to come to campus and visit? That also includes up to 5 hours of training within one day when on-site (additional on-site fee applies). Training must be combined with a Phired Up Partnership.

Q. What are digital consultations?

A. We believe in the power of individualized growth consulting and strategic council support. These sessions are often used by council leaders, individual chapter growth teams, professional staff, advisors, or other related groups. Consultations are not "keynotes" or curriculum-driven "trainings". They are personal, digital, strategic consultation sessions. We recommend groups between 2 and 20 (max) for any consultation. Consultations must be combined with a Phired Up Partnership.

Q. What other technology products do you offer?

A. To best manage any recruitment process or style, you will want to subscribe to either CampusDirector (for a more structured process) or the ChapterBuilder Council Dashboard (for year-round recruitment, COB, and intake).

What Partners Are Saying...

"I keep coming back to Phired Up for two main reasons: partnership and results. I am grateful for the variety of phriendships we have developed with their staff. Each and everyone who has worked with my students truly invest all they have to better our community. Our community has improved and strengthened by adopting and implementing the strategies Phired Up has taught."

Julie Mincey, Director Samford University

"We have had a strong partnership with Phired Up for nearly a decade, and throughout that time we have seen strong growth in our community. We have been able to combine effective council-level education with individualized chapter coaching to create a safer growth environment. We have seen increased knowledge of the expectations of membership within our interested students which has led to an increase in member retention and a safer member experience. Our longstanding partnership has allowed the Phired Up team to cater their messaging to the needs of our community and to build relationships with our students over the course of their years of membership. The partnership has been instrumental in our approach to creating a stronger FSL community."

Freddy Juarez, Associate Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Florida State University

"Having a consultation session from PhiredUp was extremely helpful, especially being a CBFO at a PWI. Being mindful of intersectionalities in the environment of Greek Life is something that I'll include on our yard more often. PhiredUp really emphasized making genuine connections with people, which is something we tend to forget at times."

Sigma Gamma Rho Texas A&M University

"After working with PhiredUp over the past two years, they have not only impacted the growth of my community; They have also impacted the growth of the work I do professionally to support our students. Through our partnership, our communities have grown holistically, and they are beginning to approach growth and recruitment through a multidimensional lens. I’m thankful for PhiredUp for pouring into our entire community!"

Seneca Crump, Coordinator at The Ohio State University

"As a long-time partner, we value the annual agreement that we have with the Phired Up team that provides us with training, support, and technological needs for all aspects of our community. We have seen tremendous growth in our community since becoming a partner with Phired Up, not just by membership sizes, but a deeper understanding of intentional relationship building with potential new members and a stronger effort from our leaders to better market the benefits of membership to the broader university community. Being a partner with Phired Up is not just a catchy tagline. The team at Phired Up has truly invested in our community...”

Bob Dudolski, Assistant Dean of Students at Texas State University

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