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ChapterBuilder is growth technology built specifically for fraternities and sororities tha has helped over 3,900 fraternity and sorority chapters grow through year-round recruitment! It is the only CRM completely focused on attracting, selecting and securing more of the right members into your organizations.

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What is ChapterBuilder™?

We know the #1 reason people join fraternities and sororities is because of a relationship they have with your members. That’s why ChapterBuilder focuses on building relationships year-round. ChapterBuilder is the leading Custom Relationship Management software (or CRM) for member-based organizations, built for sorority and fraternity members by sorority and fraternity members.

ChapterBuilder was built because fraternities and sororities needed a technology to professionalize the industry, systemize the recruitment and intake processes, and introduce mechanisms for assessing the process.

What solutions does ChapterBuilder™ offer?

ChapterBuilder offers clients solutions to growth problems that organizations face. Here are the solutions that platform can offer organizations.

Lead Management

Information is power enabling organizations to make the best decisions when it comes to growing. ChapterBuilder allows users to manage their leads easily and efficiently. As our campus-based ecosystem grows, ChapterBuilder will give you easy access to all existing leads for your groups, as well as assist you in creating more pipelines directly importing to your names list.

Systemizing Your Growth

Building a growth system requires building clear steps that are repeatable and scalable. ChapterBuilder facilitates a system for users to follow and track their process. We know all membership stories begin with securing contact information, followed by a first impression, introduction to the organization, and an offer to join. ChapterBuilder tracks and rewards this through statuses, milestones, and much more.

Teamwork & Collaboration

It can be challenging to engage your entire team in your growth; communicating expectations, delegating, and knowing who is doing what. ChapterBuilder enables teamwork through tools like the task, alerts, commenting and main contact features. The Leaderboard offers an objective scoreboard of all results-producing growth activity, easily visible to everyone. For an organization to reach their potential, it requires all members to be engaged and contributing to their growth efforts.

Relationship Tracking

Successfully building and maintaining relationships requires intentionality. This means coordinated communication, information gathering and sharing, and overall ease. ChapterBuilder is built around relationships through the communication, notes, and info features.

Assessing Your Efforts

Determining the efficacy of your growth system requires data. ChapterBuilder offers valuable insights that allow organizations/groups/chapters to review their efforts, identify opportunities, and implement data-driven changes and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?

A. ChapterBuilder is FREE! Most chapters choose to upgrade to the STANDARD versions because the features like automations, mass texting, in-app education and tips, etc. are amazing. But cost shouldn’t be stopping you from successfully growing your group. Start right away with the BASIC version (free). To learn more about our plans and what they offer, click here.

Q. Is there support?

A. Support is our middle name. We value taking care of our customers so much that we offer support access to our team 24/7. You can email us at or directly within the ChapterBuilder app by just clicking on the orange you see at the bottom of your screen.

Q. Can I use this even if my council or campus uses different technology?

A. 100%. Chapters all over the country are accessing ChapterBuilder even if their council isn't (yet). Even if you do "structured" or "formal" recruitment. Or even if you do "intake." ChapterBuilder works for you.

Q. What training is available to use ChapterBuilder?

A. If you need additional assistance, training can be scheduled at your convenience with one of our Account Managers. Just reach out to

Q. My chapter lost our login. How do we get access again?

A. Just contact us at and we will get you access so you can be back on your way, recruiting the best members to your organization.

Q. How does my organization order additional Standard Accounts or ChapterBuilder Pro (Startup/Expansion/Extension) Accounts?

A. Simple!  If your organization has a current ChapterBuilder contract with us or you want to order new Pro accounts, fill out this form to get those set up.

What People Are Saying

"We have seen a huge change in the number of chapters that have had to participate in COB because of automatic re-adjustment of total. Through ChapterBuilder we have seen recruitment success and success in making COB more fun. We’re sharing this tool, showing them how to use it, so they’re actually using it. We have fit ChapterBuilder into our current COB processes that have already existed."

Director of Collegiate Growth
National Sorority Partner

"ChapterBuilder will allow our groups to gather more information about potential members, organize it better internally, and communicate in a higher and more effective frequency with potential new members."

Chief Executive Officer
National Fraternity Partner

"If we didn’t have ChapterBuilder, our Expansion would have been a mess. ChapterBuilder kept things organized. Knowing first that we can send out messages and organize guys by where they are in the process was critical to us staying on top of our list. Being able to shoot out text messages through ChapterBuilder was also very beneficial; better than trying to use my own phone. At the end of the day, ChapterBuilder kept everything organized and I knew where everyone was at. It was a big part of the process."

Fraternity Chapter Consultant
National Fraternity Partner

"ChapterBuilder will allow our groups to gather more information about potential members, organize it better internally, and communicate in a higher and more effective frequency with potential new members."

Chief Executive Officer
National Fraternity Partner

"ChapterBuilder was crucial in my chapter's success in doubling our brotherhood in just 2 semesters of recruiting. This tool transformed our list of potential new members from a chaotic mess of students into a clear, informative database that gave us a tiny story into every man listed."

Undergraduate Fraternity Leader

"ChapterBuilder is the perfect program to harness all of your chapter's energy and excitement about recruitment and organize the chaos to help your chapter be more efficient in your recruitment efforts.”

Fraternity Leader

“We tried ChapterBuilder this past year and found it to be a huge asset to our chapter. It compiled a names list for me very easily and everyone had access to it all year to encourage 365 recruitment. I highly suggest every chapter use this as a tool for recruiting.”

Arizona State University

“The way we recruit and build relationships with our potential new members has never been better. This technology is great, it’s a game changer for our staff. Sigma Pi is at the front of a change that is happening in the way fraternities recruit across the country.”

Headquarters Staff Member

"ChapterBuilder is like having a secret weapon, a competitive advantage in recruitment that sets us apart from everyone else on campus.”

Recruitment Chair
St. John's University

“I love being able to mass text PNM’s (Potential New Members) ... but it looks like a personal text when they receive it.”

Chapter Leader
Missouri S&T

“It’s so easy to use that all of our members are actually participating in recruitment.”

Chapter Leader
Michigan Tech

“As an advisor, I can’t say enough about the data and analytics. It makes me a better coach. I know exactly how to help the chapter at the exact moment they need my help.”

Chapter Advisor
Colorado State

How much does it cost?

The Phired Up team is 100% committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied.  Join over 3900 chapters that have upgraded the way they grow their chapter with better members.


10 Users

Unlimited Leads

Lead Profiles

Forms (Limited 2)


Default statuses, tags, and milestones



Unlimited Users

All Free Features PLUS...

Forms (Unlimited)

Event Forms

In-App Texting & Calling

Internal Messaging

4 Additional Reports


Unlimited Users

All Standard Features PLUS...

Event Forms

1:1 Meeting Scheduler

Personalized On-Boarding Training Session

4 Additional Phone Lines

1200 additional texts

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