Strategy & Growth

Chapter Coaching

Phired Up has worked directly with individual chapters since our founding in long-term, hands-on coaching partnerships. We provide a combination of on-site education, hands-on recruitment support, and long-term distance coaching to drive chapters to achieve their growth objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Phired Up's team of marketing experts travel all over North America to work with fraternity/sorority communities, inter/national organizations, chapters, and individual councils to help your members improve Greek Life's reputation and build a plan to take control of the story being told about fraternities and sororities.

Growth Coaching

Phired Up’s team of recruitment coaches have worked with inter/national organizations, expansion/extension teams, and campus communities for years in intensive premium-level coaching partnerships. These partnerships are built around deep relationships and results-driving strategies and behaviors.


The Secret Ingredients to Growth

A lot of people think finding and keeping high quality members is difficult. But over the years we've helped a lot of fraternity and sorority Chapters, Councils, Communities and National Organizations find and retain a high quantity of high quality members and blow their growth goals out of the water. What were the secrets to their success? It all comes down to seven key ingredients that make up what we like to call "The Phired Up Growth System."
Growth Technology

You can't find and retain better members without an organized way to keep track of them, communicate with them, and oversee the process of Recruitment. We've developed Growth Technology that makes managing relationships smarter and more data driven, and that provides the infrastructure for a high performing growth system.

Growth Education

Growth Education that consistently, repeatedly, and regularly teaches your most important talent the “art” and “science” of fraternity/sorority growth.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy that tells a great story to great people in great ways. Your marketing should give you control over your narrative and should set positive expectations of membership way before recruitment happens.

PNM Education

This one is an often-overlooked but key part in finding and retaining the right members. PNM Education prepares your potential members to be informed, empowered, and confident “buyers” so they can fully understand what organization is right for them and you can more easily find the members who are right for you.

Growth Coaching

Growth Coaching that positions a Phired Up expert, an advisor, or a professional as a long-term growth coach. Just like you need a personal trainer in the gym to keep you motivated and focused on your goals, the best growth strategies have a coach to keep you moving toward success.

Growth Data

Growth Data that helps you fully understand your market, your product, your positioning, and your potential. After all, the more you know about your prospect pool and why they are or aren't joining, the more strategic you can be in how you recruit.

On-Boarding & Retention Education

On-Boarding & Retention Education that prepares you to successfully integrate, activate, and retain your newest members.

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