We help fraternities & sororities grow.

Who Are We?

We are on a mission to create a new future for fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join.

At Phired Up and TechniPhi we provide marketing, education, and technology services that help fraternities and sororities GROW. We know that more of the right people in fraternities and sororities can change lives and change the world. As fraternity and sorority members ourselves, we know that relationships are at the center of any smart growth strategy. We’re committed to helping fraternities and sororities improve the quality of their membership experience and find new members who are excited to join, stay, lead, and live the values of their organizations.

How We Can Help You

We help our fraternity and sorority clients reach their growth goals in a lot of different ways. It just so happens that most of those ways fall into these three categories:

Need a solution to help you organize and communicate with potential new members? We've got that. Need a solution to help you manage your entire formal recruitment process including registration, open house scheduling, bid matching, and billing? Yep, we've got that. Need a solution that makes scoring and voting on PNMs simple and organized? You guessed it! We've got that, too.


We teach Fraternity & Sorority Marketing that goes beyond sidewalk chalk. We teach Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment that attracts more of the right members. We teach new member on-boarding filled with humanity. And we teach about how to keep your members and keep them engaged. We put relationships at the center of all of it. From keynotes, to chapter consultations, to board trainings, to interactive workshops.


We build plans around fraternity and sorority growth and then our coaches help you execute on your plan. We know there are seven indicators of a high-performing growth system. All of our growth plans, growth coaching flow from these seven indicators. This work often looks like building marketing strategies, consistent and long-term coaching, and deep-dive consulting to help you meet your growth goals.


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Download and use these resources, tools, and guides for fraternity and sorority recruitment. They're free. Like, totally free. They're also outrageously valuable for your fraternity and sorority recruitment efforts.


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