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About TechniPhi

Hi, we’re TechniPhi (Phired Up’s sister company). Our suite of technology solutions include ChapterBuilder, Campus Director, the PNM Companion app, and MyVote, and were developed to help fraternity and sorority members like you achieve your recruitment and growth goals. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Request a demo of one of our technologies.

Our Technologies

We help our fraternity and sorority clients reach their growth goals in a lot of different ways. It just so happens that most of those ways fall into these three categories:

ChapterBuilder is a tool you can use year-round to track your potential new members, alert you when it’s time to follow up, keep your recruitment team and advisors involved, and provide real-time analytics to make your recruitment process smarter than ever!


CampusDirector is TechniPhi’s recruitment tool for semi-structured to fully structured Panhellenic and IFC recruitment. It is effortless, automated, affordable, and guaranteed to make recruitment successful on your campus.


MyVote makes voting on PNMs simple, seamless, and sophisticated. MyVote integrates seamlessly with CampusDirector and allows for voting on mobile devices, plus offers tagging and sorting to make it easy to locate, score, vote on, and take notes about PNMs.

Companion App™

The PNM Companion app allows users to view their schedule, messages, videos, recruitment guides, and enter selections for each round of recruitment. Plus, it syncs with CampusDirector to save time and eliminate error during selections during formal recruitment!

Our Technologies
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iValU is a peer-led curriculum from Phired Up that lives within TechniPhi’s technology and that prepares both Potential New Members and Chapter Leaders with profound self-discovery, engaging values exploration, and the confidence necessary to make sure recruitment results in the right lifelong commitment. iValU brings values, authenticity, and empowered PNMs back into the recruitment experience.

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