Grow with ChapterBuilder

TechniPhi’s CRM technology built specifically for fraternities and sororities has helped over 65 national organizations grow their chapters through year-round recruitment. We’re confident that ChapterBuilder can help your chapter reach your recruitment goals through our built-in features that help keep you organized, let you effortlessly communicate with PNMs, and allow you to collaborate with your entire recruitment team.


What is ChapterBuilder™?

The #1 reason people join fraternities and sororities is because of a relationship they have with your members. That’s why ChapterBuilder focuses on building relationships year-round. Recruitment just got easier, friendlier, and a whole lot smarter. No more spreadsheets. ChapterBuilder brings potential new members to you, alerts you when it's time to follow up, gets all your members and advisors involved, keeps recruitment organized, and even provides real-time analytics to make your recruitment process smarter than ever!

Key Features
Detailed PNM Profiles

PNM Profiles include not only demographic information and a photo, but links to social media and compatibility with your organization's values too.

Automatic Leads Generator

ChapterBuilder populates automatic Gold Star leads through TechniPhi’s other recruitment technologies through referrals and pipelines.

Performance Tracking

Your interactive dashboard gives you personalized data that's never been available until now.

Automated Alerts

ChapterBuilder is recruiting, even when you're not. You'll receive alerts from ChapterBuilder when it's time to follow up with PNMs.

Virtual Coach

ChapterBuilder will analyze your recruitment activity and inform your leadership team so you're always performing at your highest level.


ChapterBuilder gets everyone in the chapter involved in recruitment through various access levels for your recruitment team and advisors.

Mobile Ready

Recruitment happens on the go. ChapterBuilder is mobile friendly.


Design matters. Besides, you deserve something more attractive than a spreadsheet.


ChapterBuilder was designed by recruitment experts using the most current, proven methods from top performing fraternities and sororities across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

ChapterBuilder is FREE! You can certainly upgrade to unlock more features, but cost shouldn’t be stopping you from successfully growing your group. To learn more about our plans and what they offer, click here.

Is there support?

Support is our middle name. We value taking care of our customers so much that we offer support access to our team 24/7. You can email us at or directly within the ChapterBuilder app by just clicking on the orange you see at the bottom of your screen.

Can I use this even if my IFC doesn’t use it?

100%. Chapters all over the country are accessing ChapterBuilder even if their IFC isn’t. And, ChapterBuilder is for more than just fraternities! Panhellenic and culturally-based groups love using ChapterBuilder too!

Is there a version for councils to use?

Ding Ding Ding! Our council dashboard allows councils to help build your names lists, through forms and verification, your council can help support all the chapters on your campus grow through ChapterBuilder.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation is easy, peasy! Once ordered, ChapterBuilder is setup instantly when you create your login credentials. Don’t forget to check out our tutorials or schedule a demo or training with one of our Account Managers to make sure you’re up to speed on all the latest and greatest tips, tricks and features in ChapterBuilder.

What training is available to use ChapterBuilder?

Training can be scheduled at your convenience with one of our Account Managers, or log-on to one of our free weekly scheduled trainings inside your ChapterBuilder account.

My chapter lost our login. How do we get access again?

Just contact us at and we will get you access so you can be back on your way, recruiting the best members to your organization.

What People Are Saying

"We have seen a huge change in the number of chapters that have had to participate in COB because of automatic re-adjustment of total. Through ChapterBuilder we have seen recruitment success and success in making COB more fun. We’re sharing this tool, showing them how to use it, so they’re actually using it. We have fit ChapterBuilder into our current COB processes that have already existed."

Director of Collegiate Growth
National Sorority Partner

"ChapterBuilder will allow our groups to gather more information about potential members, organize it better internally, and communicate in a higher and more effective frequency with potential new members."

Chief Executive Officer
National Fraternity Partner

"If we didn’t have ChapterBuilder, our Expansion would have been a mess. ChapterBuilder kept things organized. Knowing first that we can send out messages and organize guys by where they are in the process was critical to us staying on top of our list. Being able to shoot out text messages through ChapterBuilder was also very beneficial; better than trying to use my own phone. At the end of the day, ChapterBuilder kept everything organized and I knew where everyone was at. It was a big part of the process."

Fraternity Chapter Consultant
National Fraternity Partner

"ChapterBuilder will allow our groups to gather more information about potential members, organize it better internally, and communicate in a higher and more effective frequency with potential new members."

Chief Executive Officer
National Fraternity Partner

How Much Does It Cost for Chapters?

The TechniPhi team is 100% committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied.  Join over 3900 chapters that have upgraded the way they grow their chapter with better members.

$0 / yr

Better than a spreadsheet, easier to use, and FREE. Seriously. Zero dollars. No joke. Just free. Forever. Upgrade when you're ready. This is our gift to the fraternity and sorority world. There's no reason not to get started today. What could be better than free?

Basic Features
  • 10 Users
  • Unlimited Contacts (PNMs) Import
    Leads Generation
    • 72-Hr Delay Auto Referral Machine
    • Tabling / Website Sign-Up Forms
      Communication Tools
      • Unlimited Bulk Email
        • Auto Social Media Photo & Link Pull
          Mobile Access
          • Responsive Web Access
          • Mobile Apps +$2.99 Per User
            $500 / yr

            20+ breakthrough features will spoil you forever.  Very soon, you won't believe your chapter used to do things the way you're doing them now. 100% guarantee = All the rewards, none of the risk. Turns out there is something better than free. :)

            Basic Features
            • Unlimited Users
            • Unlimited Values & Info Fields
            • Voting Feature
              Leads Generation
                Communication Tools
                • 1 integrated phone numbers
                • 3000 bulk SMS
                • 2400 auto-dialer minutes
                  • advanced analytics
                  • virtual coaching alerts
                    Mobile Access
                    • Mobile Apps +$0 Per User

                      How Much Does It Cost for Councils?

                      1 in 5 chapters are already using ChapterBuilder to grow their membership year-round. The council dashboard links your individual chapter accounts together as a community. We'll make sure your chapters are completely set up and trained, and your council dashboard will let you instantly perform pnm grade checks, view analytics, and feed more high quality leads into your chapters' accounts.

                      COUNCIL DASHBOARD
                      $1000 / yr
                      Basic Features
                      • Unlimited Users
                      • Unlimited Chapters
                      • Unlimited PNMs
                        Leads Generation
                        • spreadsheet import that populates every chapter in your council
                        • signup / registration forms that populate every chapter in your council
                          Quality Tools
                          • grade verification for pnms
                            • advanced analytics for recruitment and retention in your community
                            • export pnm info based on custom criteria
                            • roster of new member classes for each chapter

                              ChapterStarter for Headquarters

                              Are you a headquarters member interested in using the ChapterBuilder software? ChapterStarter is the ChapterBuilder version exclusively available to headquarters. It's the #1 technology for professional recruitment teams, used by more than 1/2 fraternity and sorority headquarters.  

                              $750 / yr

                              ChapterStarter is the "pro" version of ChapterBuilder, exclusively for professional expansion and extension teams that are starting new chapters. ChapterStarter is ready for high data use, high volume communication, and customized for your organization. It comes with all of the features of the Standard Version plus the following custom features exclusively for ChapterStarter users:

                              Basic Features
                              • All of the Standard Version Features
                              • Customize status levels
                                Leads Generation
                                • 1 on 1 interview scheduler
                                • Auto-responding sign-up forms
                                  Communication Tools
                                  • 5 integrated phone numbers
                                  • 15,000 bulk SMS
                                  • 12,000 auto-dialer minutes
                                    • expansion/extension dashboard
                                      Mobile Access
                                      • Mobile Apps +$0 Per User

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                                        By The Numbers
                                        2.5 Mil
                                        PNM User Profiles